Easy Wash Emulsion

Easy Wash Emulsion

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Moon Star easy wash is a premium quality product that provides long-lasting protection for interior walls, quick dry, grand wash ability and optimum coverage. Cleaning of all sorts of stains in the hall mark of it, hereby trailing the wall more classy and trendy.


All interior wall of building, plaster, concrete.

Product Specification:

Drying Time: 20 min (At 30◦)
Coverage: (450- 550) sft/Gln
Thinner: Clean Water
Finish: Gloss & Smooth
Shade/Color: As per Moon star Shade card.
Storage life: One year in a sealed container
Wash ability: Highly Washable and can be remove stain

Surface preparation:

All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dirt, oily substance, fungus, saltiness and corrosion as well as old painted substance. Apply one coat Moon Star water based sealer after dry. Then apply Moon Star wall putty if needed, after observing the surface condition about 6-8 hour’s dryness of sealer. Apply Moon Star Salt Sealer if the wall is salty. Then apply Moon Star wall putty if needed. After observing the surface condition about 6-8 hours dryness of the Sealer. Apply one coat sealer after 24 hours of finishing with sand paper in order to prepare suitable surface.

Application Method:

Firstly stir well after opening the container. It can be applied with brush, roller or spray. Then dilute with (25% -30%) equal volume of water accordingly for an expedient use. Quality may not ensure if diluted excessively. Two coats are enough for final finishing. Apply the next coat after 6 hours. Apply the water mixed point as soon as possible and rinse the materials used.

Packing size:

5 gln(18.2 liter), 1 gln(3.64 liter), 2 pint (0.91 liter).

Chattogram, Bangladesh.
Email: moonstarpaints@yahoo.com .