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Moon Star Anti Dust a product of sophisticated technology. It is superior to any normal putty. Produced with 100% Acrylic Emulsion, it has immense binding and alkali resistance capacity. It used to fill the uneven surface of cement plaster and concrete walls. This wall putty helps to reduce paint consumption and provide smooth and strong finish with perfect gloss to the wall. It came easily be applied and scrapped.


All kinds of plasters & concrete wall.

Product Specification:

Drying Time: 1 hour (At 30◦)
Coverage: (220-250) sft/Gln
Thinner: Not Applicable.
Finish: Matt
Shade/Color: White
Storage life: One year in a sealed container

Surface preparation:

The surface should be cleaned to make it free from dirt, dust, grease oil and paint. Clean the surface with sand paper or wire brush. Wall surface should be cured so that the surface is saturated with yet in touch dry condition.

For new wall:

The surface should be dry at least 10-12 weeks after plastering.
Apply one coat water based sealer thinning 100% water.
Dry the wall at least 6 hours before putty application.

For Old Wall:

All loose materials or organic growth must be removed with putty blade or wire brush. In Case of old painted surface scrub the surface with coarse emery stone / paper.

Application Method:

Apply two coats Moon Star wall putty with 6-8 hours interval with putty blade or brush. After proper drying (24 hours) of wall putty, rub down with sand paper to provide a sound surface finish coat. It is ready to apply without dilution.

Packing size:

1 gln (5kg), 5 gln (25kg)

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